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Amazing Heists Dillinger

[Post New]by luvityes on Aug 12, 09 12:20 AM
I and many others are stuck at the third Bank where the robbers are supposed to stop the people from leaving the Bank and the second robber disappears. What we need is help from some of you WIZZ BANG Gamers to get through this and on with the game or alternately the developers could try to remember that a large number of patrons who pay good money for their Casual Games are in the 60 to 80 age group and their fingers are not as nimble as the young ones.

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Re:Amazing Heists Dillinger

[Post New]by rudi3403 on Mar 14, 12 4:39 PM
All I do is click when you hear the whistle all you have to do is leave the robber
by the one entrance and do nothing and move on

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