Train ticket to anywhere, please.

[Post New]by Vickice on Aug 20, 15 7:05 PM
Liked the game so far. Found the train ticket but the mask faced conductor visited & disappeared before it was found. The scroll map states there are no actions to be made in the 5 areas and the Hint button doesn't circle anything. Testing the Hint on the book button that lights the statue room with the man's painting (with jewels) proved it was working. Can't find a way to use the train ticket.. This isn't freezing or an error message. Should I re launch the game from scratch? Thanks.

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Re:Train ticket to anywhere, please.

[Post New]by FishyFemale on Oct 6, 15 7:39 AM
I'm just reading your post now and you've probably already started a new game, but that's what I would've suggested you do anyway. When I first played this game, I had a similar issue and just reinstalled the game and started a new profile. For whatever reason, uninstalling and/or starting with a new profile seems to fix most issues. I've since played it through a second time with no problems and absolutely love it. This game is greatly underrated and deserves more attention because it is NOT a ripoff of a seemingly better game here at BF, but has a unique story of its own accompanied by outstanding graphics and very fun puzzles. It's not a terribly long game but maybe it is and just feels short because it was so much fun to play that the time just flew by. At least that was my experience. I loved it.

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