can't complete circcuit

[Post New]by pnbqueen on Aug 12, 09 8:23 PM
I do not seem to be able t connect all the lights to the center piece on this puzzle. Think it is puzzle 11. Anyway there doesn't seem to be a way to get them all connected to the center. Can anyone help me? Plz???

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Re:can't complete circcuit

[Post New]by angelize81 on Aug 12, 09 10:26 PM
Hello pnbqueen (love the name by the way) I sent you a PM in case you still needed help; it should be all you need to solve the mini-game. And welcome to the pond!


Circuit Trouble Too

[Post New]by mrrosini on Aug 21, 09 2:12 PM
Can anyone help me with the circuit room? I'd love to be able to continue the game.


Re:can't complete circcuit

[Post New]by celticselkie on Sep 8, 09 8:53 AM
I stuck in there also. Help, please.


Re:can't complete circcuit

[Post New]by GrammieFoster on Jan 30, 10 9:35 AM
how about posting help for the circuit game so everyone can solve it? I have been trying for 2 days; ARRRGH


Re:can't complete circcuit

[Post New]by bamaramma on Feb 5, 10 1:44 PM
help please

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