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Sign Language

[Post New]by katejoe999 on Aug 21, 15 1:22 AM
There is sign language in one of the early puzzles. How cool is that!
I'm an interpreter in Australia so I don't know these particular signs as the languages are different in every country. I'm assuming this is ASL - American sign language.

I got a kick out of seeing it tho!

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Re:Sign Language

[Post New]by tookat on Aug 21, 15 11:08 AM
I don't know if it is real sign language or not since I have difficulty with ANY second language, spoken or signed....
I tried, because my sisters family uses American Sign language when they want to say things to one another without interrupting another conversation....or when they are having a fight or disagreement.
Many are the arguments that I wished I could understand

but, I hope it is the real sign language
The more it is used, the more it will be used.

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Re:Sign Language

[Post New]by cdcollins on Aug 23, 15 5:07 PM
No sorry to disappoint. It is not real sign language and especially not ASL. It is only to match the symbols showing on the left. The sign used for wire does look like the sign for "shoes" in ASL but it isn't when you pair it up. The same is true for the other two. They look like real sign and are but do not match the symbols. It is misleading .

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