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My Review

[Post New]by mdblocher on Aug 21, 15 6:38 PM
Don't understand why moderator is "locking" all the posts, even the Review one.

But here is my review anyway.
Needs to have Chapter or Scene numbers added, so one can describe where one is in the game when asking for help.
Needs to be less particular about where one clicks to get the action. In a number of cases, I had given up on the right course of action, because I was getting no result,
Only later going back and giving it "one more try". VERY Frustrating!!!
On puzzles, the ? button needs to identify what one is trying to achieve. It isn't enough to say the buttons change the color of the crystals, for example.

The flaws are what one might expect of a new game programmer, not an outfit like BoomZap that has been around a while.

Interesting story, interesting characters, good graphics. Loved the armored guinea pig assistant.

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