Stuck on 45

[Post New]by frankyasia on Aug 22, 15 6:48 PM
I got stuck on level 45 because I have no idea where to get the 16 hour stamp, besides from buying it for real money.
Another matter is; what can I use the "summoning stone" for

I like the game and would love to continue it

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Re:Stuck on 45

[Post New]by FudgeChi on Aug 23, 15 12:37 PM
Welcome to the forum, Franky

Not sure I can help you much as I've only been playing this game just over a week.

I'm pretty sure that the summoning stone is for summoning those bits of paper that float across the screen every 24 hours, where you have to untangle the ropes. I forget what type of puzzle that's called!!!

All I can do is guess about the 16 hour stamp, you need someone with more experience of the game. I do know though that I've had a couple of 8 hour stamps when there has been 3 things in the scene like the tornado, eclipse, etc. I wonder if the 16 stamp might be a reward if you called up more of those. Worth looking into to.

Hope someone comes along to help you more.

I was devastated to read a few days after I started this game that there will be no more updates It's a great game, a lot of fun and so much potential. More to it that meets the eye. I started playing it as I was so bored with Midnight Castle!!!

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Re:Stuck on 45

[Post New]by klfrr on Aug 23, 15 10:48 PM
Re: Summoning Stone. Here is my post from another thread:

The summoning stone (whistle) summons the cube puzzle (floating stones tied together with strings, aka "Cibe Anomaly" which is a typo for "Cube Anomaly") that normally appears every 24 hrs. If you use the summoning stone, the cube puzzle will appear immediately. The best time to use the stones are soon after the cube puzzle regularly occurs. Use one summoning stone, then go look for the cube puzzle. If you click more than once, you will still only get one puzzle, thus losing your stones. That is, if your cube puzzle is working.

That being said, some people are experiencing a glitch and the cube puzzle will not appear (the timer doesn't count down). We are awaiting an update to fix the glitch. If that is the case, then just save your summoning stones for the time being.

Re: 16 hour stamp. You can get one when you banish certain monsters, especially the more advanced ones. Click on the monster to look at the list of items you can get.


Re:Stuck on 45

[Post New]by frankyasia on Aug 25, 15 2:15 AM
Thanks Guys, it helps.
The floating cube does not opening and, since no updates will come our way, I suppose it never will, well, what can we do

Thanks anyway

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