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finishing the game

[Post New]by paco12348 on Aug 14, 09 9:52 AM
Here's my take on the game. It's a great game but it's unfinished. First time I played I got the helm (steering wheel lol ) for the ship, but couldn't get other parts. Second time I built the ship but couldn't get the helm. The game will never have an ending, post scores or anything else because it's poorly connected together. I still enjoy playing even knowing I'll never get anywhere. I can live with it even though I regret someone would sell such a poorly made game.


Re:finishing the game

[Post New]by beachbelle on Aug 14, 09 10:03 AM
I agree, it is a fun game but you do not get access to the cool magic cards you worked so hard on or even the other sceens. It has some very pretty underwater sceens....but there is no real reward in playing it.

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Re:finishing the game

[Post New]by buttonsfriend on Sep 21, 09 7:26 PM
I agree im so diassapointed that the game wont upload -it takes endless hours of lost sleep amd aaaaaaggggghhhhh it wont finish- but i still loved it

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