The eagles?

[Post New]by pabggbalz3 on Aug 23, 15 5:18 AM
How do I get the eagles to come and pick me up and take me across between the mountains? thanks

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Re:The eagles?

[Post New]by BlueStarFish on Aug 23, 15 3:31 PM
Hover your mouse over a nest, the corresponding nest on the other side will flash and glow faintly - this is so you know you are clearing a nest that goes to where you want.
(on later levels there will be more than one nest, so it can become an issue)

First; clear your way to the nest. It must be accessible by a worker in order to function.
Then; click on a task on the other side. That task must also be accessible by a worker, so if there is stuff lying on the path, you must first clear that of course.

The worker will all on his own run to the nest and climb into it, an eagle will come swooping and deposit your guy in the nest on the other side. The worker will hurry to do the task you set him, run back to the nest. The eagle will once again come swooping to take him back and he'll run home.
Repeat as needed.

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