It's nice!

[Post New]by tprodigy1 on Sep 5, 08 1:26 AM
I've been playing with many brick buster games, to me this is clearly one of the best with really nice graphics too.

Quite challenging at first sight, but after a few levels I could really send the ball wherever I want

It took me some time to understand how to hit those ghosts!! (you need to have a powerup activated on the ball like 'fire ball', 'ice ball', the explosive ball or else and when I managed to capture enough of them, the 1 hour demo has ended !! too bad for me

hope to see more Arcade games like this on BFG!


Re:It's nice!

[Post New]by becca_nethery on Sep 6, 08 2:43 PM
I dont like those kind of games much but my boys do

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