[Post New]by wildfire41f on Aug 24, 15 10:14 AM
I'm sick of this! If I don't get this fixed soon I will not be buying anything else from you and I will cancel my subscription. Please fix the menu so I can get to it and it will work! Thank you.

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[Post New]by chevyqueen on Aug 28, 15 7:31 AM
I had problems on the first ten levels. I think I figured it out because it is working on the other levels. As you earn points, you will get an upgraded menu item as you play. When you begin a level click on something like the lemonade, grilled hot dog,etc. You should get a pop up on the right side of screen that shows you the items you can choose from. I am visually impaired and I beat several levels just by clicking on a different menu item. Some menu items will be produced faster or bring more money the item that you are currently selling. I hope this made sense.

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