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[Post New]by adinah on Aug 24, 15 10:59 AM
I read the discussion and thought I understood the comments about time limits but do not understand why it got so hard about half way through the second part.
I was diligently going back to collect for more time clocks....until I realized how little each sand glass gave. Why such an instant jump to too fast to win?

I had suspected that the end would be very hard but it got way too fast too soon. I would need a LOT of sand glasses.....I was ready to accept the repeat of the first part (which I bought years ago) as I enjoyed it and wanted the second part. For the first time with Big Fish, I feel like I really did not get my money's worth.

I don't claim that I love all the games I bought but I never before felt that Big Fish as a company was at fault. I want potential purchasers to be warned....and I want Big Fish to know that I am not happy with them right now and I've not felt like that before.

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