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Didn't think I would do it...but I managed to finish the game in Expert.

Basically you had to play the same level at least 2 or 3 times.

1st time - play through and see what you are going to need. Add to or take away what you need...and figure out how many animals/machines/plants you will need.

2nd time - If you are lucky you figured it out on the 1st go around, but most of the time I still had to make adjustments.

(The KEY for the 2nd go around was the SET UP for the 3RD and hopefully final last time to play the level. Have EVERYTHING FULLY LOADED with the exception of the ice cream machines. 3 pies on the machines and loaded up for the next ones to bake. 3 sweaters hanging and machines loaded to knit another. Sheep should be sheared. Cows and chickens should be fully fed. I would also put in at least one ingredient to the ice cream machines...either strawberries or milk.)

It's a BIG time saver for the final 3rd time to play the level.

3rd time. Never stop for anything. Keep moving. As soon as you see peacock feathers become visible up as an order start pulling them. Towards the latter levels a single order may want 10 or 15 of them and they are very time consuming.

Thought the game was to easy at first but it turned out to be really challenging.
On to the next one!!!!!!!!!!!

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