Flo through the ages

[Post New]by yvonneb on Aug 16, 09 8:21 AM
Please i need help I am on Level 9 Pharaoh's feast and just cannot go on please help are ther any CHEATS??? i cannot get through it.

Thanks hope someone can help


Re:Flo through the ages

[Post New]by nativecalinda on Oct 23, 09 4:53 PM
Try 3 tables at a time. Make sure you wait on them in order.

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Re:Flo through the ages

[Post New]by milliekoz on Aug 31, 12 5:48 PM
I am also stuck on pharoah.s feast level 9. There is no help. I have search all my "cheat" favorites, nothing, HELP!!!!!


Re:Flo through the ages

[Post New]by milliekoz on Sep 18, 12 2:13 AM
Ha!!!! I finally did it. Pharoh's level 9. Keep going to the podium. Even if all of the tables are not full. Then seat your highest paying customers, the cell phone addicts, etc. Even if it does not look good it will work, put flowers on all the table and serve drinks when ever possible. Make sure you fill the podium before you seat all customers. However level 10 looks like no walk in the park. Good Luck,

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