not good

[Post New]by bradjsmith on Sep 5, 08 12:49 PM
I'm a huge fan of the first two games, but this chocolatier is awful. they made it just like cake mania or burger island. what a disappointment

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Re:not good

[Post New]by booksdar on Sep 11, 08 6:47 PM
I totally agree, however, after reading the forum tips and getting past Level 10, I'm not quite as disgusted as I was!! Clear sailing to level 26! This will never be a normal Chocolatier, but it's nice seeing Evangeline get out of San Francisco!

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Re:not good

[Post New]by Yanaron on Jun 16, 09 7:02 PM
You know, for almost a year I thought the same thing, then I discovered chaining my actions. I broke through the next 12 levels without breaking a sweat. I got it right after it was released, and it sat in my client for almost a year before I started working on it again. I love this game now... but I don't play it every day or I get frustrated...

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Re:not good

[Post New]by ewartman on Feb 15, 10 7:40 PM
Warmly related....

I had to laugh when I (having passionately devoured Chocolatiers 1,2,& now 3) stumbled upon this game and the ensuing threads.

While I have not played this game yet, from what I gather it involves the service side of the industry at the customer level. That's cool. I, myself, paid A LOT of real-life rent waiting tables.

When I first played Chocolatier, it was a game that was so unlike any other I was smitten. I have never ACTUALLY traveled the world making chocolates and making millions of dollars in curiously exotic locations. ( I know, I need to get out more) Thusly, the Chocolatier Trilogy (holding my breath for more) has left me with an insatiable urge to sell more cases of imaginary treats to locations unknown. (Kudos to those devs)

I admit that a game which requires me to make nice with impatient customers, while harriedly concocting wares dredges up the post-traumatic symptoms based on memories I presumed I'd successfully shucked off at a local happy hour.
Does Evangeline really have to work the counter? Is there a recipe for vericose vein remedy? Poor thing. She was once head of a vast empire, you know. I could get her a number to great therapist.

Having said that, it warms my heart to see such a good response and interest in this type of game. After a busy and/or a people-crusty shift I thought to myself everyone should wait tables at least once in his/her life. It really is like that!

I digress... maybe someday I will try this game but I have to say the actual Chocolatier series is a hit! I hope 4 more, but not too soon; I really need to step away from the computer and stretch.

Game on!!

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