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How far did you get?

[Post New]by Kuddles3 on Aug 26, 15 6:29 AM
Describing my position in the other thread got me to thinking ......

I know quite a few of us intend to stay around for a while longer yet, but I daresay that our numbers will gradually decline now that there will be no updates, and the forum already seems quieter.

So before we all sail away from our beloved islands and disappear over the horizon, I thought it might be nice if, for posterity, we had a record of all those who had played this game, and how far they had got. Did anyone actually get ALL the Achievements? (probably excluding the Ship).

Calling all players, both past and present – please list your statistics here. I think it might make interesting reading. To get the ball rolling, I shall start:

Started playing – November 2012 (with a year out in the middle)
Level 225
Energy 8000
Quests 3500
Ships sent 400
Ship points 16000
Sensei everywhere
All Achievements - except buying gold & diamonds, Quests, 2 for Ship, Halloween Ancient Chests, and Xmas Ice Chests.

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Re:How far did you get?

[Post New]by Anglesey on Aug 27, 15 11:51 PM
I haven't stopped playing yet so no final scores for me.

I started playing Found in July 2013. I am quite slow compared to others. I still haven't achieved Sensei on the Singing Reef or the Swamp Hut !

I have suffered, I suppose, from not being able to craft two collections. One of those collections gave out ten rune stones and not having that one means I am taking forever to get Sensei on the Swamp Hut.

Currently I'm at/have:

Level 248 (almost at 249)
Energy 4970
Quests 3182
Ships 200+ (dunno exact number)
Ship points (not bothered)
Achievements (haven't counted, again not bothered)

I do have exactly 5000 diamonds and 9,331,789 coins.

I don't play for very long these days and so I will probably still be trying for Sensei on all islands come Christmas.


Re:How far did you get?

[Post New]by Night_Player_zz on Sep 16, 15 8:37 PM
I found it is cheap to buy the rune stones compared to some of the other hard to get items (such as the invisible capes). So the way I made sensei in the Swamp house was to put the Ghost AND the Sandman into the hunters huts, and before collecting them I made sure I had my avatar set to the access category (red riding hood or the wolf man) and the silver horseshoe (access) and the lucky clover (miscellaneous) and the money toad (seems to help). Sandman isn't cheaper than buying the runes but I also needed the plates. [Hunters hut costs $1200 each for 5 sandmen captured after 12 hours, whereas rune stones cost $1000 each and plates are 1 diamond each]

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