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Repair and Replacement

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Repairing a Lawn Chair Webbing

Lawn chairs do not give a lot of trouble except for their webbing, which can give away due to persistent and prolonged usage. The durability of the webbing also depends on the material of the webbing.

Step 1: If the chair has been a victim of prolonged use, possibility is that it can be repaired at home. All you need is a bit of persistence and the interest to repair the webbing.

Step 2: To begin with, replacing the webbing is no big deal. A broken piece of webbing does not render the chair useless. In that case, you can purchase a new vinyl or nylon webbing, matching your chair.

Step 3: The next step involves the removal of the broken strap. Usually, the straps are affixed by a plastic insert or a screw and nut. So you would need to take them off for removing the broken strap.

Step 4: Cut a piece of the webbing to match the removed piece of webbing. It should be long enough depending on the requisite measurements, so that it has a margin for being folded. Then stretch the webbing across the base of the chair tightly. If you want it to be more secure, add around 3½ inches for folding the end in a triangle.

Step 5: Follow step 4 by matching the end fold. Chairs most of the time fold end over end or fold in a triangular shape. When they fold in a triangular shape, it involves a 'V', by folding the sides in, and then it folds over. See the pattern of the chair and imitate it. Punch holes in thick areas, followed by the replacement of screws or plastic push pin.

Step 6: If you want to replace and repair the webbing simultaneously, then replace the entire webbing, but keep the original design as a reference point.


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