Stuck BAD

[Post New]by wwsgxq on Aug 17, 09 6:55 PM
On the mirror scene! I can't move I have all the cards and the letter I have the counterweight on the chain, can't find the 2nd crescent moon Boy i'm in a heck of a shape I 've been on this scene for 4 days now and can not get out of it,
What am I doing wrong?? Help
Can not find the last piece of the mirror
Ever time i click on hint it goes to the same place aqnd I have to wait to click it again and not getting anywhere.

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Re:Stuck BAD

[Post New]by angelize81 on Aug 17, 09 7:54 PM
# This next step is strange. Click on the counterweight that you put back into inventory, and this time hook it to the reflection of the chain. It will work, and open the case for the silver crescent.
# Collect the silver crescent.
* There is a broken mirror on the base of the big case towards the back.
* Click on it, and a zoom scene will open up.
* Click on the white tape in the center of the broken mirror, and the tape will fold back, revealing a mirror shard.
* Click on the mirror shard to collect it.
* Go to the Great Mirror. You can use the button on the map or the footprints to the right of the scene.

Okay here are the verbal hints and I am pm'ing you the links for some actual screenshots showing you the locations of all the mirror shards and the crescent moon, ok? I hope it works for you.

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