Barrel puzzle

[Post New]by Deeds1V on Aug 27, 15 2:39 AM
i have looked through all the walkthroughs and cannot find a solution for the X and O placement. HELP!


Re:Barrel puzzle

[Post New]by RainbowExplorer on Jan 24, 16 2:50 PM
The answer can be found in Chapter 2 of the walkthrough, here: . Unfortunately, I messed it the first time and, now, am having trouble progressing beyond this area. Best wishes to you!


Re:Barrel puzzle

[Post New]by RainbowExplorer on Jan 24, 16 3:03 PM
Hello again!

Its seems I'm not the only person who has struggled through this Tic-tac-toe game, frustrated because there doesn't seem to be a "reset" bottom, nor could I fine a way to skip this puzzle. Both my CE Strategy Guide and the Walkthrough offered on BFG have an answer that doesn't work for me, despite exiting and restarting the game, several times. Here is the section which provides a wide range of solutions that other players have found useful to get them out of this technically treacherous and poorly guided area of this game. Hope one or more of the tricks listed here will come to your rescue, as well as, mine!

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