possible glitches and typos?

[Post New]by Musicacct on Aug 27, 15 1:39 PM
Near the end of the mural chapter before taking the picture of the mural, when I look at the map it says that there is a current task in the treehouse and study. Yet when I go to those areas, there is nothing to do there. Is it a glitch or is there really something to do? Also, after making the HCL, what is the purpose of picking the pipette back up if it's not used in the following chapter?

My third question is: Is there supposed to be a blank page in the diary entries page or am I just missing the location where it get's logged?

Lastly, I noticed the astronomy chart says uranium instead of uranus. Did anyone else catch that?


Re:possible glitches and typos?

[Post New]by cookie500 on Jan 8, 16 11:16 AM
In the bonus game there is a puzzle where you have to re-arrange body parts of a cat, dog and monkey. I have placed the head and limbs to the correct bodies but nothing happens. I checked the strategy guide and the solution shown is identical to what I did. An extra bit of strangeness - the body parts of the cat can no longer be moved which would seem to indicate that it is correct. The monkey and dog parts can still be switched.

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