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[Post New]by Rob_Blake on Aug 29, 15 3:07 PM
I played the game twice under the same profile. I found all the swords, but I didn't get some of the achievements, even though I completed them. I didn't get the one for completing the tutorial, which I did complete during the first time I played the game. I didn't skip any of the mini-games either time that I played the game, but I didn't get that achievement either. Also, I did not get the ones for Game Winner or for Clicker, which I don't know what the latter one is for. Did anyone get any of those 4 achievements, and if so, how did you achieve them?

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[Post New]by CherylParker on Sep 6, 15 6:05 PM
I just started the dmeo.
But as Rob Blake said he did not get achievements he should have gotten.
I am OCD when it comes to these achievements.
So I would like to ask if anyone has gotten the achievements on the last star? The six that have no explanation on how to get them?
Also The 2 that Rob Blake did not get.
Please can someone who knows what they are help us out? It would be much appreciated!
Btw I thought the Clicker achievement might have been clicking a lot on an HOP or even putting wrong items on different things, I tried both and didn't get the achievement. I even clicked around several times. That didn't work either.
So again PLEASE help us out. Thank You.



[Post New]by CherylParker on Sep 16, 15 6:11 PM
The Listener Achievement is attainable.
I got it after talking to Officer Brown.
Come on people no one can take the time to respond if you got these achievements?

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[Post New]by chumface on Nov 28, 15 9:34 PM
I hate games that have an achievement for doing the stupid tutorial...



[Post New]by Aeiffe on Apr 18, 16 5:09 AM
This is late, but might help others later as I was also frustrated at a lack of a walkthrough and achievement explanation (especially the gold star ones).

It looks like Clicker might be using the hint button 40 times. I would suggest using it in a room or area that has nothing available that way the hint button doesn't get depleted.

Speedy is picking up 3 items in 10 seconds during a HOP.

The others I believe are story related and should pop if the game isn't being glitchy.

Good luck everyone!

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