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Level 62?

[Post New]by Talarin on Aug 29, 15 10:50 PM
I'm not quite sure what to do on this one to get 3 stars. Has anyone figured out a strategy they'd like to share?

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Re:Level 62?

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Aug 30, 15 2:25 AM
Hi Talarin.

This level is tricky.

I just replayed it & failed twice before getting it. 1st time round tried about 20 times LOL. I have only ever got gold with 2 seconds to spare.

I am sure there is a much better stratagy than this but here goes.

At the start, send for 10 sauces. Upgrade the store, the top egg machine & the top flour machine X1

Catch the 7 ferrets ( be prepared for them so you don't waste water or loose products and sell along with your first 3 dinners.

( Check you have all 7 as they hide well. Luckily these are the only beasts in the level.)

On return order 10 sauce & upgrade x1 the second flour machine.

(Do not be tempted to upgrade any thing else apart from the truck at the end if necessary)

Keep on ordering sauce & try to always have your machines working concentratin on left to right.

( The dinner machine is a little less important as it takes 5 products & works faster )

At @ 4.30 or before, sell cat & birds.

On return, only you can judge this, do you have enough products to make up the money? can you afford to upgrade the truck, to buy you some time ? if yes, sell sell sell

And relax LOL.

Like I said, not the best stratagy in the world, but with persistance, it worked for me.

Good luck

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Re:Level 62?

[Post New]by cstdenis on Sep 1, 15 3:18 PM
I was able to get this one only with using bonuses. I used jojo's method most of the way then toward the end, I kept using the fast product bonus then used the fast boat return bonus on my last trip and squeaked in at 5.27


Re:Level 62?

[Post New]by charmedlee on Jan 1, 16 12:50 PM
Here is what I done to achieve gold on level 62 finished at 5:12
You will need bonuses for fast factory, fast boat, animals automatically produce product and I used 1 to catch all animals for the ferrets.

Upgrade 1st flour factory, 1st noodle factory, and warehouse 1 time.
Buy 10 sauces make sure to keep all the machines running.
Make pasta when you put the 2nd round of pasta in use fast machine bonus so that
you have at least 6 pastas done at the same time you catch the ferrets.
Sell pasta and ferrets, use fast boat bonus, when it comes back order more sauces.
I would order 20 at a time.
Upgrade the 1st flour factory and 1st noodle factory 1 more time each.
When you get the funds upgrade the truck 1 time.
Basically just keep buying sauces and selling pasta rapidly using fast boat bonus, fast machine bonus, and animals produce bonus constantly during the level. When you have around 9000 (not sure the exact time or exact dollar amount) sell rest of pasta, chickens, and cat using the boat bonus. If you used enough bonuses the entire level you should complete with gold. I used about 11 fast factory, 8 fast boat, 6 animals produce.

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