big fish slots where is it

[Post New]by cutnnails on Aug 19, 09 8:01 PM
cant find bigfishslots anywhere


Re:big fish slots where is it

[Post New]by DonnaLightbody on Aug 20, 09 10:50 AM
I am so disappointed. I want big fish slots back. It's my favorite game. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET IT BACK AND HOW DO WE DO I??????

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Re:big fish slots where is it

[Post New]by angelize81 on Aug 20, 09 12:57 PM
Hi cutnnails and DonnaLightbody and welcome to the pond!

I'm sorry that you're upset over the temporary absence of Big Fish Slots (It was my favorite game and I miss it terribly too )

But BFG has promised that it will be on soon, although I know that is vague and probably offers little to no comfort, I suppose it's all they're able to tell us right now so we just have to wait..(And believe ME, being told I'm going to have to wait for anything, is like telling me I have to show up at the Presidential Inauguration in nothing but my birthday suit! )

Why don't you stick around and join all of us for a swim while you're waiting?

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Re:big fish slots where is it

[Post New]by Wingr_Poisn_Ratt on Sep 14, 09 2:51 PM
i really want 2 play it


Re:big fish slots where is it

[Post New]by Jillycat on Sep 19, 09 10:10 AM
September 19th and Big Fish Slots still is no where to be found. How much longer do we have to wait please?


Re:big fish slots where is it

[Post New]by Jan_co on Sep 20, 09 1:13 PM
This was my favorite. What happened to it?


Re:big fish slots where is it

[Post New]by killershark1 on Oct 3, 09 7:02 AM
this sucks i havent played it for a while and when i wont to its not their it sucks so much how much longer do they wont us to wait for this sucks so bad so many people love that game and next min it gose a way and they tell us to wait for a little bit and its still not on i miss that game

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Re:big fish slots where is it

[Post New]by Gentlsong on Oct 3, 09 8:58 AM
It's BACK!!!!!

It's on the front page of BigSeaGames. In fact, it's been there for at least a couple of days now. Can't remember when I first found it.

Be sure you use a link that goes to and not bigfishgames.

When they first changed to bigseagames, I was able to use the link at the top of the forum pages, but today for some reason that link is going to bigfishgames which isn't loading...of course. The link from the home page works fine for me.



Re:big fish slots where is it

[Post New]by MarinerMB on Sep 10, 10 11:41 AM
I want my Big Fish Slots back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re:big fish slots where is it

[Post New]by bfgArnoStyx on Sep 10, 10 11:46 AM
Hey MarinerMB,

Welcome to the pond! For the best information on the Game Community, please take a look at this help aritlcle:

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Please feel free to join the other Big Sea members in this thread discussing the games that were part of the Game Community:

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