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[Post New]by sandyjane on Aug 31, 15 7:52 PM
I wonder how many of you out there are cat lovers? I know nothing of this game, so for that I'm sorry, I just wanted to write a little about my Gwendolyn. I lost her July 3rd., She was 20 years and 3 days old. She died in her sleep, I got up to get some cottage cheese-one of her fav bowls to lick out-and she did not move, I knew then. My sweet niece and her family helped me bury her. She went out like the grand old lady she was.

I miss her so very much. The relationship I had with her was the longest one I've ever had with someone other than family. I am disabled and sometimes I have spells
of paralyzing nerve pain across my lower back and down my right leg. I swear Gwen knew when they were coming. She would jump up on me, yowl. lick my face and stretch out on my belly. The spells were a little easier to get through if I could brace myself, Gwen made that possible.

She knew when I was blue, or happy or angry, just like I could read her moods. as she got older she liked to be carried(she only weighed 7lbs)as I must walk with a cane, it was difficult at first, but we worked it out.

I could go on and on, but I will stop now and say thank you to anybody who took the time to read this. Thank you for allowing me to share my memories and my grief.

God Bless You,

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