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Monument Builders: Eiffel Tower, Level 3.2

[Post New]by Magda640 on Aug 31, 15 10:06 PM
Re:Level 3.2

Posted by br6ch4re on Jun 28, 14 6:44 AM
"Did you train your workers and did you destroy roads to get stones?"

No one answered your question, but here it is: You don't have to train the workers, destroy roads, or finish roads except the ones that will get your supplies to the office and finished product out the exit. You don't need to upgrade anything - just build the quarry, 2nd bank, and mine early enough so the materials build up. I always confuse myself by trying to upgrade everything in sight, but it usually isn't necessary. And then, after struggling for what seems like hours, I check the forums and find out the easy way to do it!

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