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Any tips for dealing with portals?

[Post New]by aim4stars on Sep 1, 15 7:32 AM
I am enjoying the game but am still in Sydney. I am confused by the portals. The little rings that appear in parts of the play area. What is the best way to deal with them?
Does anyone know???

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Re:Any tips for dealing with portals?

[Post New]by Sziggy on Sep 1, 15 10:37 AM
Before making any move look for the arrows at the bottom of columns. This will alert you to the direction of the flow of the gummies which is especially important if the puzzle requires you to drop souvenirs.

Once You have found the arrows try to find a vertical match In one of the columns with an arrow to see which column feeds into the exit portal to get a general sense of the dirction of the flow. Not all columns feed into each other in a direct line and it helps to know that, especially if you don't have a lot of moves in the puzzle.

In general I have found that it helps to make as many matches as possible near the bottom of the exit columns. This increases the movement of the gummies which is what you want.

Also if you have to move souvenirs take a look to see if there are ledges in which they can get stuck and try to move them so they wont get on them.

And then of course never under estimate luck!

Good question I would like to see what tips others may have too!

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