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Lost friends of Annieliz1

[Post New]by annieliz1 on Sep 1, 15 10:41 AM
Can I ask any of the following who are still playing to contact me. When my pc crashed I managed to remake contact with most of my friends; these are people who I do not want to delete without a final attempt to make contact:

Admir 357015
Cara 218939
Just Karen 455541
Lady Macbeth 411453
Michaela 342262
*MsMasters 462333

I hate to delete people without a determined attempt to contact people I have had a few people make recent friend applications but don't want to add to the list unless I know some of the existing people (above) are no longer around and can be deleted.

Thank you.

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Re:Lost friends of Annieliz1

[Post New]by pamkatz on Sep 1, 15 10:59 AM
Sweet, I also have some of those same friends :

Admir and Lady Macbeth active. Let me look up the codes to see if they match. =v=

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