Missing Hearts

[Post New]by Jardona on Sep 1, 15 6:03 PM
I just started playing this game and I am a little confused. I will remove all of the cards but I wont get 3 hearts. Does anyone know why this is?? I said best result but how is that best result when you remove all of the cards. Another thing those helpers are worthless. The guy that's supposed to change the card in the deck for one to be used for a card left gives you a card that doesn't remotely match the card left. I don't really use them because they're useless.


Re:Missing Hearts

[Post New]by nontechiegrannie on Sep 2, 15 3:18 PM
The best that I have figured out is that you have to remove long chains of cards in addition to removing all of the cards from the playing field to obtain the 3 hearts.

The helpers are upgraded periodically as you progress through the levels. I also found that one most annoying but as I said before you just have to get to a higher level for an upgrade.

Hope this helps.......

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