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Stuck on level 15 - HELP

[Post New]by Rivakonneva on Sep 2, 15 7:09 AM

I'm stuck on what I think is level 15, first star. I need to get two cows and 3 lasagnas so I can finally upgrade my warehouse. I've tried several time and I can't get the second cow. I can't stockpile enough stuff to sell because I can only store the minimum. Selling the two pigs right off gives me storage room, but then I'm really screwed where money is concerned. If I store and sell bears/ferrets that leaves me no room for eggs, pasta or ketchup.

I've lost too darn many lives over this one level. What's the secret to pass this bloody thing?


Re:Stuck on level 15 - HELP

[Post New]by Scottie70 on Sep 23, 15 4:27 PM
I'm passed this level and can only play the 3rd star bit of it but I think that if you let the pigs give you a few bits of ham then cook it and sell them and the pigs you would get enough for another cow.

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Re:Stuck on level 15 - HELP

[Post New]by grams3031 on Sep 24, 15 12:59 PM
counted 15 but it didn't ask for cows. i tried several ways and still didn't find it. sorry

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