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bonus level 4.11

[Post New]by klakustas on Sep 2, 15 5:41 PM
Does anyone have any suggestions. I cannot get gold on this level using expert time. I build the workshop, build the two gold and get to the food and increase yield. I also clear the boulders etc on the upper part of the level. I use the extra resource bonus. is there some trick or another bonus should use instead. did anyone get gold using expert time limit?

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Re:bonus level 4.11

[Post New]by elizaew on Sep 5, 15 12:06 PM
I have the same issue and no solutions yet.

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Re:bonus level 4.11

[Post New]by marebito on Sep 6, 15 8:54 PM
This is the method I used to get gold on this level. With practice and some luck, it should be possible to beat the Dev's record as well, but the timing needs to be right for that.

- Primarily use the extra resource bonus with 1-2 uses of the extra worker bonus at the same time. The first time around the seventh extra resource bonus use (around when gathering to clear the Titan's tooth)
- Ignore the gold at the bottom left from the crack onward after the second mine
- Be flexible as you work through the steps and clear what you can rather than wait around

- Start clearing the roads towards the 2nd bush and the second mine (also clear the sand in front of the log deposit at the bottom right)
- Build the workshop (set the task as you are clearing the roads so it will be done as soon as it's possible) and upgrade it
- As soon as the first pick up bonus becomes available pick up the logs from the bottom deposit while continuing to clear the roads to the far bush and far gold mine
- Build the first mine
- Clear the pit before the wood deposit at bottom left before building the second mine
- Build second mine
- Upgrade the first mine, clear the stakes when you have the gold, and build Demeter's Obelisk when you have the materials
- Start clearing the upper area to the hammer and food while collecting supplies and clearing the route to the gold tooth
- Clear the *Titan's tooth* (regular tooth) and collect gold beyond it
- Upgrade the second mine when you have the wood and concentrate on collecting food and gold below (ignore wood once the second mine is upgraded)
Clear upper area working your way downward clearing the minotaurs, the large boulder, knocking over the slab, and clearing the evil boulder
- clear crystals and fix sign (you might be able to use both the bonus worker and resource bonus when clearing crystals and gathering gold. Depending on how much gold you have when going after the crystals, use extra worker over resources bonus so you can collect more gold while clearing crystals).

Hope that helps and good luck getting through this one!

(And short form...

Workshop -> upgrade workshop
Mine 1
Mine 2
Upgrade Mine 1
Demeter's obelisk
Titan's tooth and gold
Upgrade Mine 2
Evil Boulder

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Re:bonus level 4.11

[Post New]by lesleyvance501 on Oct 5, 15 11:53 AM
marebito, thank you. This one was very hard, but I finally got it using your method.

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Re:bonus level 4.11

[Post New]by erin74 on Oct 29, 15 3:44 AM
I think I just played this about 100 times. I finally got the Developers record!

Bascially I did as follows:
- picked up all but the wood around me and cleared the sand before the wood, and pressed the resources bonus when it became available as soon as they were close to home.
- built the workshop as soon as possible. With the first resource bonus I picked up the 3 woods, the wood near the bush and built that, the food in the middle and then chopped wood. It runs out when you have about one wood left. Then I upgraded the workshop to level 2 (and no further ever) and built the gold mine closest.
I keep pressing the resources bonus only and clear the wood at the far left on the bottom, the stakes, the titans tooth, and gold behind it. Make sure to build the second bush as soon as you clear the stake. Don't do the crack, rock and gold on the bottom left.
I upgrade the first gold mine and build the Dementer's Obelisk next while doing this.
Don't do anything on the other side, or the weed and hole near the tooth until you build the obelisk.
As soon as the obelisk is built I use the resource and extra player bonus together. Use your extra player to build the second gold mine, get rid of the weed, and fill the hole. I pick up everything I can with the other two guys. While doing this I work around to the hammer, and take the first meat. I just work around to the boulder after the first meat, but don't destroy it until after the gold tooth is gone.
Have the gold tooth set up to go as soon as you can, as well as the second mine ready to go as soon as you have the wood. Upgrade the second mine and stop picking up wood.
Keep collecting food and gold with the resource bonus until you get to the strength test machine. As soon as the bridge is down send someone over to the crystal and trigger the extra worker bonus again. Queue the three crystals and get rid of the guy next to the boulder. Make sure you have the sign cued to go as soon as the last crystal is done or else the guy will come back over and you won't finish fast enough. Do the boulder last - press it as soon as the last crystal is marked as happening.
When you have enough food just collect gold.
And the other thing I do is kill as many birds as possible during the game. I set up queues and kill them while the workers are working.
This took me a lot of tries. At one point I finished 6 points short, so I knew a few more birds would have got me there. Not even sure how many points a bird is worth.

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Re:bonus level 4.11

[Post New]by SuzMaroon on Apr 12, 16 6:29 PM
I beat the developer's record with a considerably different approach.

- Start clearing towards the first gold mine and towards the first bush. Water the bush.
- Do NOT build the workshop but DO start using the extra bonus as soon as it becomes available and keep using it constantly. Don't let is lapse.
- Build the first gold mine and upgrade
- Clear the pyramid of wood and water the second bush.
- Clear the lower path and collect the wood piles at the bottom. You need this wood to build the obelisk. DO NOT build the second gold mine.
- Clear the top path to the extra gold on the top of the bottom portion.
- Clear the hole in front of the gold tooth and pre-click it
- Start clearing the top. DO NOT pick up either of the meat. Save your gold for everything else.
- As quickly as you can, just concentrate on the two bushes and the first gold mine, being sure that you're getting the extra resources each time
- When you start clearing the crystals, you might want to use an extra man but you don't have to.
- You'll end up with just the last black boulder. You will have to sit and wait to collect enough gold for it but you'll get it in plenty of time.


Re:bonus level 4.11

[Post New]by jndeel on Apr 13, 16 10:31 AM
Are you beating the developers record on expert or casual?

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Re:bonus level 4.11

[Post New]by SuzMaroon on Apr 13, 16 4:56 PM

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