First HOP game....

[Post New]by Judylutz on Sep 2, 15 6:17 PM
Believe it or not, I'm stumped with the first HOP. I got thru part of it, but the helps just flashes on the box with the missing tiles. I can only find 2 of the tiles. Please help!


Re:First HOP game....

[Post New]by LisaRedrider on Sep 11, 15 6:56 AM
The first HOP, I can't even find one tile or does the game let me move anything in the truck?
Do we have to do the first HOP in order to move?
I am frustrated with this game!!
the hint keeps showing the secret box; but if I see what looks like a tile, how do I pick it up?


Re:First HOP game....

[Post New]by LisaSea on Sep 14, 15 2:01 PM
You have to go to your trunk and finish the hop and look for a hot chocolate packet. You'll take that back to the van and make hot chocolate to give the girl. Hope this helps.

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