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[Post New]by ElisaRol on Sep 3, 15 11:36 AM
I am enjoying this, but I find the puzzles insanely difficult to do. I'm on the box with the 10 rows of coloured dots. I have no idea how I'm going to finish this. I need more hints than what is given even in the "Junior Detective" mode. I'm finally not getting so lost as I was the first few days I was playing this, but I would appreciate an interactive map like there is in other mystery games. The coloured dots re-set themselves if I leave that puzzle and come back to it. This is VERY HARD. It might be a long time before I reach the end.

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[Post New]by ShaunaPSmith on Jan 19, 16 12:18 PM
This puzzle is basically Mastermind. I've played it since I was a kid. You guess at the code, and the game tells you if you got any of the four colors correct. If you got the color correct, you are shown a yellow dot (for instance...I think it was yellow). If you got the right color AND the right location, you are shown a green dot. I solved it in 4 moves, which is about standard if you know how to play Mastermind. I'm sure you've probably moved on by now, but maybe this will help others. I'm in love with Nancy Drew games! I love the difficulty level.

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