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The end-ing

[Post New]by klfrr on Sep 3, 15 2:40 PM
Another post made me think about how the story might end. Anyone with writer's ambition want to consider an ending to our story?

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Re:The end-ing

[Post New]by GrannySy on Nov 24, 15 4:28 AM
Don't know about an ending, it seems to have just stopped. I activated the sword of Prometheus, the appoccolypse arrived (apparently) My task bar shows the keeper & it just says 'be patient recruit, all will be revealed'.
There's nothing to do.
Level 52.
And now there's no more updates to come.
Feeling rather sad


Re:The end-ing

[Post New]by crchandler78 on Dec 19, 15 1:56 AM
the same thing happened to me. I've been waiting for to update and add more tasks. but it hasn't yet.


Re:The end-ing

[Post New]by lady_bug_917 on Dec 27, 15 8:16 PM
this makes 2 games now that they have done this. whats the use of spending money on a game when u cant finsh it.

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