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Help!!! I'm stuck

[Post New]by Halotop on Aug 23, 09 12:09 PM
I'm a fan of this game in spite of little bugs.. however, I find myself stuck on the king and his bedroom and hallway. How do I smash those little bugs in the pillow? And how do I shoot those little devils off the painting?

All I have in my inventory is a rag... and I have five shards of the king's mirror... and I cannot get into the powder room...

Thanks to one and all who take the time to answer

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Re:Help!!! I'm stuck

[Post New]by psyche_ on Aug 23, 09 2:02 PM
smash the bugs with the fairy's rock, takes a bit of accurate whacking though! i've got a little further then i'm stuck - i have the blue key (which i can't figure out what it's for) but not the red key and according to my map all other rooms are cleared, so if any one can help with that, much appreciated!


Re:Help!!! I'm stuck

[Post New]by nelo423 on Aug 23, 09 2:58 PM
you can get a crossbow from the suit of armor in the armored hallway (the helmet isstuck) to shoot the evil in the painting. The blue key unlocks the door in the hallway to the right in the dining nroom. The red key unlocks the door to the dressing room by the powder room but I don't remember where I found the red key--maybe behind the blue plate on the table in the hallway off the hall of reflections

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