ranch too small

[Post New]by princesssonia on Aug 24, 09 12:36 AM
does anyone know to make ranch big? not enough room on the ranch

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Re:ranch too small

[Post New]by jrtfan3 on Aug 28, 09 4:43 PM
There is no way to make the Ranch larger. You have rearrange things, sell things and squeeze everything as close together as possible. I usually have 15 of each plant, 3 cows, 3 sheep, 3 ostrich and 6 hives, plus all the machines. I run all the crops north and south on the west edge and my farm bumping up against each other with hole in the middle for a sprinkler. Run the hives in 2 columns of 3 against the east edge. Then squeeze everything together in the middle. If you have a problem, reply or send me a message and I'll get a screenshot of my layout.


Re:ranch too small

[Post New]by Twink75 on Apr 27, 10 12:52 PM
will u be able to send a photo to me?



Re:ranch too small

[Post New]by AprilsFools99 on Apr 27, 10 1:58 PM
Wish I could take a pic for you, but finished game & it will only let me start a new game at this point.

Note: Everything moves, even your barn! Sell what you do not need. If you purchase sprinklers, sell the wells!

I plant crops in clusters of 13. Three wide, five long. With sprinklers in the middle. Think figure-8.

Upper left corner & moving to the right: cheese machine & three cows (machine in corner, cows surround it), clover, ketchup machine, tomatoes.

Upper Right & moving down: Tomatoes, pumpkins, bee hives (6), Jelly machine.

Lower Right & moving to the left: Jelly, grapes, corn, three sheep.

Lower left & moving up: Three sheep, wheat, cows & cheese.

Center: Three ostrich, crates & barn.

Insecticide, tools & seeds scattered throughout the farm where they are needed and where there is a little room.

Some crops run horizontal, some vertical, depends on rooms. Hope this helps.


Re:ranch too small

[Post New]by Twink75 on Apr 28, 10 3:04 AM
Thank you I will try this out.

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Re:ranch too small

[Post New]by qwcsilver on May 12, 10 12:43 PM
this set up doesn't include a bread machine. and from what i can see... trying to do it... you'd need 2 jam'rs, and 2 bread machines for 30 bread & jam... I can't seem to fit in 1 ostrich, let alone 3...


Re:ranch too small

[Post New]by christy_s25 on May 17, 11 7:52 PM
Don't forget that once you have sprinklers, you no longer need your well. There's a little room right there.

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