San Francisco level 108

[Post New]by Kit7878 on Sep 5, 15 2:45 PM
On third play to get Pipe, swap both Lightning bolts on the right side and bottom. Then on the left side slap both lightning bolts again then as items fall you may or may not encounter more lightning bolts if so try to use them with special blinking items. Otherwise the only way to get through it to make the points is if you lose the game pay for more playtime give you the option to either spin the board or you can select and pay 150 to go back to your game and continue on which you will give you three times So make sure you have more than $300 in your queen area and you can do this by playing levels 90 through 100 until you clear each area out. I made it past... Please note that I am playing this game on my iPad of which I have no friends helping I am doing it alone I have cleared Sydney, then Tokyo, and now I am on San Francisco close to the end

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Re:San Francisco level 108

[Post New]by msmia41 on Sep 6, 15 10:17 AM
I just finished this level, after trying so many times, what I did was swapped the two lightening bolts together then got one of the arrows and cleared the rest of the board. Luckily got two more bolts and got the rest of the points. Finally passed!


Re:San Francisco level 108

[Post New]by elkayrite on Sep 6, 15 5:19 PM
I finally beat this level, also. I think the best way to beat it is to have at least 300 coins in your bank, so that you can buy additional moves as needed. It took me 15 additional moves to collect enough points to get to over 450,000.

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