I am so stuck

[Post New]by goobermomma on Aug 24, 09 9:32 AM
I am in the mirror mirror episode of the game. I have 4 of the tarot cards and can't find the fifthone or get the last mirror shard. These are the only things left for me to get to finish this episode. Please help if you can...I'm goin' nuts here.

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Re:I am so stuck

[Post New]by barb567 on Aug 24, 09 9:37 AM
welcome to the pond. its been awhile since i played that game. there is a walk through. check that out. you click on blog and find the game. or go to the all games forum maybe someone can help there or your answer will be there


Re:I am so stuck

[Post New]by goobermomma on Aug 24, 09 10:39 AM
Thanks for your reply...but i'm wondering if I could have done something in the wrong order. If that's possible in this game. I haven't found the Magi card...no clue where to look. I put the 2 shards I had found into the broken mirror. I see the 3rd in the sparkling area but can't pick it up...already got the one under the tape. Ilove this game but it is driving me nuts.

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