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Dire Grove Lite?

[Post New]by lil_chickadee on Sep 6, 15 10:50 PM
Did anyone else feel like they were back in Dire Grove? I've been buying up some series games from the past since I had a bazillion credits, and stumbled upon this one. It's fairly fun and would be very different and interesting, if only it weren't an almost perfect clone of Dire Grove. I found it enjoyable, but felt a constant disorienting sense of deja vu whilst playing.

Let's see. Four University students are doing archaeological research on an ancient site which is supposedly cursed. They are separated from each other and trapped by an elemental being who causes the storm of the century. When they are being controlled by the bad guy, their eyes glow. One each corresponds to Water, Earth, Fire and Air. You must get all four together to release the nasty demon so you can destroy it. You do this by collecting the four stones that represent the four elements.

Now that's quite enough, but wait...there's more! You hear one of the students through a crackling walkie-talkie. On the wall in one of the grottoes is written "He is Real!" A reel-to-reel tape recorder gives you some important info about the legend. You're on a scavenger hunt for slides to put into a machine to see more details about the goings-on. Heck, the blond literature student and the curly-haired mathematician look like their drawings were modeled from the two boys in DG.

Well, at least it's not all DG. There's a healthy dose of Harry Potter in here, as well. It's set in a school, the entrance to the labyrinth is a fountain on the property that opens up, and the school was built by the four founders, who were very powerful in science, math, literature and medicine (earth, water, fire and air).

The puzzles were quite easy, the HOPs not too difficult, either. It was a nice, easy stroll through a pretty game on a Sunday.

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