level 8

[Post New]by darsing on Aug 25, 09 4:36 AM
I am on level 8 game 3. No matter how fast I go I can't get it. I have been playing it for days and hours. pulling all nighters. I can't get it. And, you can't get past it to go on. Is there a way to slow things down. Not the bonus that slows things. That doesn't slow down long enough. I've gotten to all but two little triangles. Help. My hand hurts. I think this game gave me carpel tunnel.


Re:level 8 ... I am stuck at this too :(

[Post New]by Sapphire_Glints on Dec 2, 09 7:45 AM
Love this game but this level seems simply impossible. Wish there was a by-pass to move on. If anyone has managed to bypass this level please advise as to how to get by this.

Taking this opportunity to congratulate Bigfish Games at such awesome games.
Also their excellent tech support. I wish them very well!!!


Re:level 8

[Post New]by Sapphire_Glints on Dec 8, 09 6:38 AM
I did it!

I found this game really enjoyable. Thanks so much, Big Fish!

The 8-6 Pig level which comes after the above posted level has seemed a bit difficult too, however.

Hope this helps :

You can Pause the game by clicking Menu, then move the Pause box to the side with mouse, to reveal the puzzle - plan ahead that way, where your existing pieces go.

If one catches the pieces before they hit the bottom, one seems to amass points and get the "crab" and the "slow-down" faster. Also, fitting similar pieces together as much as possible, seems to enable the help devices such as the crab etc. quicker.

Burn extra or hard-to-fit pieces quick, of course, and keep the burning going nicely, as you enjoy the game.

You can also watch to see what area gets smashed by the passing cloud, to leave that area for last. Then use the fish (if you have it) to quickly fill in the last bit.


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Sea Anemone
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Re:level 8

[Post New]by Uly2 on Jul 16, 10 12:37 PM
I made it to level 8-6 but it could help if I knew how to use the piranha to eat the floating ice. I have 2 swimming around... Help please!

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