Need help playing this game

[Post New]by Fantasy1131 on Aug 25, 09 5:58 AM
I have a few questions , I am stuck on level 32 and have been for quite some time. what are these circles on the right hand side that fill up, I can seem to get any help from them. is there any power up and how do i find them? I have got as close as 1 left and then the next game I have 24 so its doesn't seem that I am making any progress. Any help would be appreciated. I have read the tips and tricks and I really didn't get anything from that.

Any luck with getting this game without a timed mode. maybe that might help

Thanks in advance


Re:Need help playing this game

[Post New]by chuckpenguin on Aug 12, 10 3:04 PM
the same thibng happens t me on the level i am struck on and no matter how much i try , i cannot get beyong the elvel i am at . a relaxed mode of this game shoud be available to us who play this gam


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