Is it worth buying?

[Post New]by Nascarsisy24 on Aug 25, 09 6:03 AM
People seem to be having problems. Is this game worth the money. I've had terrible luck with games lately and I don't want to purchase another dud. Please advise.

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Re:Is it worth buying?

[Post New]by murphie on Aug 31, 09 5:37 AM
I am disappointed. In the first place I prefer point and click rather than moving all over the place. Without a preview, you are stuck with whatever format shows up. This game freezes up partway through. I will delete it and call the 6.99 a loss lesson." Don't buy unless you can try". Large files are not for me anymore unless it is a new MCF game, Musie


Re:Is it worth buying?

[Post New]by desiree3662 on Sep 21, 09 11:23 PM
Played it for 15 minutes and got so bored I uninstalled it.


Re:Is it worth buying?

[Post New]by finkling on Dec 6, 09 11:13 AM
I agree with Murphie. I prefer point and click games, rather than first person like this one. All that panning about gave me a headache and made me feel really sick!

The graphics are really poor too.

I think twice now before I buy games that don't have a trial.

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Re:Is it worth buying?

[Post New]by bachlein on Jan 14, 10 9:18 AM
I'm liking this game a lot. You can tell by the graphics that its not all that new, but it's lots of fun. The puzzles run the gamit from easy to difficult. If I have trouble with something, I try for a couple of days to figure it out, then go to Gameboomers for the walkthrough. I try to read only enough to give me a hint for solving. All in all, I would say that nearly all the games that I have gotten from Gamefish are certainly worth the price. AND what I really like is that they are all in "my account" just waiting if I want to redownload any of them to play again. (Not cluttering up my bookcase.) And if you do have a problem with a game, the customer service people will try their hardest to made you happy. This is a super website!!


Re:Is it worth buying?

[Post New]by nmv2728 on Jan 4, 12 7:42 PM
Absolutely not.

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