stuck with the opened file and the policeman

[Post New]by babou53 on Sep 8, 15 4:36 AM
Hello, I've given the photo to the policeman, searched the file and opened it and now i'm stuck with the photo in the inventory, the file is open on the screen and I don'nt know what to do. Help me please and sorry for the bad English, I'm french....Thanks for all

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Re:stuck with the opened file and the policeman

[Post New]by ganonsbane on Sep 8, 15 1:09 PM
I'm not sure that I understand exactly which File you are stuck with so here is a walkthrough of the encounter with the Policeman.

Spoiler Alert: Highlight to Read:

When you walk in, you scare the Policeman & he drops the Folders. You have to pick up the Folders then place all the Picture in the Correct Folders. ( The pictures will only go into the correct folder so it's trail & error. ) Next you place the Folders on the Shelves & place the Folders sticking partially out into the Correct Slots. ( The Numbers on the Folders should be like a Sudoku Puzzle - No Number more than once in a Square or in the same line up or down. ) or ( you can do trial & error because the Folders will only go all the way into the Correct Slot. ) After placing the Folders in the Correct Slots, you get "Rose's Profile". Give Rose's Profile to the Policeman & he'll give you the Tell you that the Museum Key is at the Desk. Finally, you play the HOP to get the Museum Key.


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Re:stuck with the opened file and the policeman

[Post New]by bi1fai on Oct 22, 15 2:47 AM
me too , the opened file stay open on the screen, and i can't do anything ...

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