Where are the hammers?

[Post New]by judimarie on Sep 8, 15 5:27 PM
I am on level 22 and still have not found a hammer to repair anything. I have opened a lot of chests which are supposed to have them but haven't got one. Also, I have killed a lot of the black birds with the hawk thing and they are not giving me any hammers either. Please help!


Re:Where are the hammers?

[Post New]by BarbaraFish on Sep 8, 15 6:10 PM
Where are the black birds you are killing?

I'm only level 18 and I have 8 hammers left. I've used them to repair every thing on the island that can be repaired.

They drop in the farm, the forge, the dwarf caverns and stone quarry. If you've entered the cavern or quarry, please let me know how. I haven't been to those places yet.

You can also get hammers from the following chests: mountain crystal, abyssal pearl, stone winds, forgotten mage and healing potion.

Or, you could pay 2 diamonds to buy a hammer.

If you go to the Store, under the Misc. tab, 2nd to the last page you will see the hammer. If you click on the hammer you will see all the places it is available or as I said you can just buy it.


Re:Where are the hammers?

[Post New]by judimarie on Sep 9, 15 8:52 AM
Thanks Barbara for your reply. Looks like the only way I can get hammers is to buy them. The chests I get are not including the hammers even though they are supposed to and the snakelizards aren't dropping them either. Guess it's just a glitch in my game. I had not even remembered that you could buy them in the store until you mentioned it. As for your question, I don't remember how I got in the stone quarry, I think maybe there was an access item I had to buy. I know you can't get in the dwarf caves until you defeat the fort at the bottom of the mountain. But first you have to get to the quest telling you to fight the murdocks in the fort. Good Luck!


Re:Where are the hammers?

[Post New]by BarbaraFish on Sep 9, 15 6:14 PM
Thanks Judimarie. I've been an idiot. I never completed the quest to use The Ring of Stamina because I never needed extra time and apparently that prohibited me from getting any other quests. I've just been mastering all the places that were available as I leveled up. Thanks so much for opening my eyes!


Re:Where are the hammers?

[Post New]by judimarie on Sep 9, 15 11:15 PM
You're welcome! Glad I could repay you for reminding me I could buy hammers! I was stuck at the quest to repair the library for days! Now I'm finally making some progress.

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