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Problem Exiting the game

[Post New]by HighlandMax on Aug 27, 09 2:37 PM
Anyone else having any problems when you exit the game ? My game manager is not coming up but my screensaver is, I can hear the game background music playing, and my cursor is gone. I have to manually turn off the pc to get out. This is the only game out of over 100 that I have, that has ever done this.
Just have to report it to tech support.


Re:Problem Exiting the game

[Post New]by 2yung2bold on Aug 28, 09 5:54 AM
thank you! I thought I was going crazy last night. I didn't have the option of shutting down the computer and could still hear the music after exiting the game. The sad thing was I had just been in the game for 5 minutes when I had to go out.
I really hated the fact that I couldn't control what was going on and couldn't find a way to stop it from happening.


Re:Problem Exiting the game

[Post New]by mike_farren on Aug 28, 09 10:58 PM
Warning! If you're playing the trial version of the game, if the soundtrack is still playing when you quit, the trial timer is still running. Rebooting your PC is the only way to get it to really quit, but then, when you start the game manager again, it says you still have the entire time (60 minutes) left - but you don't.

This needs to be fixed PDQ, I think.

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