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New Game

[Post New]by LaZgram on Aug 27, 09 4:09 PM
.... Hey everyone. I downloaded a game the other day from Alawar, "Superior Save", has anyone else played it ??

I messed up and forgot to ditch it and my grandson played it, I did get to get my name in there and play about 5 minutes of it.

This happens a lot, I download and he's up half the night so plays the games. I hide them when I think about it.

It looked interesting. Same thing with Angela Young 2 Escape the Dreamscape. Just got my name in that one. What's it like ??

Don't know why I'm crying on ya'all's fins. Just wondering if anyone has played and what I missed with both of them.

Also, The Wizards Hat, was having fun with that one before my time ran out. I had been reading threads about it being like other games, but I don't remember what they were and didn't pay attention to where i was. Here or GZ.

Anyone know the games that are similar to The Wizards Hat?? Huh, Huh, anyone ???

I'm leary about buying from anyone but Big Fish, did once and really got messed up. Luckily got it straightened up but it took awhile.

Don't know if ya can say here but if it's ok is there any place to STAY AWAY from?? (not yelling), just raising my voice a bit.

Don't need any more problems with this thing. Ramblin again See Ya Have a Good One

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