Unsure how to proceed

[Post New]by 1fortune1 on Sep 12, 15 5:36 PM
Hi. I am at level 29. I cannot find the thermos per the forum. Scientist wants photos.I don't know where to get them. woman wants counter fragment. I don't know how to get it. Task "restore bridge in carnival"l but haven't opened the door that needs 3 keys..hydra, medusa, and harpy. I have the hydra key. In the inventory I have frame for tom insignia,dark mini lance, bottle wine, poison flower, letter, flounder, amber stone, satyr, torso, hydra weapon, codfish, razor, snowflake. Still to be crafted items: frog, academic cap, sun, sewing mach, Japanese sword, comb, rune, alchemy sigh, owl and coat of arms.

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Re:Unsure how to proceed

[Post New]by klfrr on Sep 13, 15 8:09 PM
Do you have a letter A in your inventory? That should go on the letter in mailbox3 (Town Square), which will give you the photos that the Scientist wants. The letter A should have been crafted around the time of the snowflake.


Re:Unsure how to proceed

[Post New]by 1fortune1 on Sep 14, 15 2:49 AM
Thank you for the reply. Mailbox 3 appears to have been completed. I cannot remember what I did in mailbox 3 as it was long ago, but I do seem to remember this A you are talking about. Now when I visit the mailboxes, it shows mailbox 4. A glitch perhaps? I submitted a ticket with 2 screenshots after your reply. I could not see how to do that Dr. Felix report mentioned in the instructions.

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