Big City Adventure

[Post New]by maxbean on Aug 28, 09 8:18 PM
Has anyone heard when the next Big City Adventure game will be coming out? I loved San Fransisco and the Sydney games!

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Re:Big City Adventure

[Post New]by lilyr on Aug 28, 09 11:06 PM
Hi maxbean and Welcome!

I'm pretty sure that a new one will be out this year. Something was said several weeks ago, but I don't remember exactly when. I like these games too.


Re:Big City Adventure

[Post New]by marla101467 on Oct 25, 09 2:00 AM
I love both the Big City Games and I had heard there was supposed to be another 1 coming out! Has anyone heard anything further on this subject? When I downloaded Australia, they were saying that another was coming out soon, mind you I downloaded this when it 1st became available. I didn't even use the free trial 1st , as I knew I would enjoy it due to San Fransisco! So I'm waiting, not so patiently, because they said it would be before the end of the year,and here it is almost November! So I would appreciate any info. Thanks ya'll!!

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Re:Big City Adventure

[Post New]by TeresaRollen on Oct 25, 09 2:58 AM
Picman told me for the October issue of Pond Monthly that it would be out this month. So should be sometime this coming week.


Re:Big City Adventure

[Post New]by marla101467 on Oct 26, 09 4:44 AM
Thanks so much TeresaRollen! I really appreciate the heads-up, I truly do love these games

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Re:Big City Adventure

[Post New]by marla101467 on Jan 3, 13 10:31 PM
Big city London is available !!!!!

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