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I noticed all the posts are pretty old, 2012, but many of the advice of those completing the level/game are still accurate.

I find that in Granstation, once you don't require the movie, demolish it becuz new requirements for a big box such as a Toy Store will be required. The game also tells you that the movie incomes doesn't add to your daily profit, it's a 'bonus'.

Always, always have the same type of store next to each other. You really do get more money that way and this becomes crucial as you finish Level 3 in Gran. On one level I had 5 in a row clothing stores. But I still won.

It is cheaper to buy a computer owned store than build a new one. But ensure you have enough money to replace it later on so that it fits with same store requirements.

To get the big box stores, you'll have to first pay the franchise fees which can be high as $4,000 and that means you have to wait until you have enough $$ again to actually build it.

A poster mentioned the bank doesn't matter but whenever I cash it out it does drive up my daily profit.

The last level of Gran, level 4 is a cruise one where all you have to do is fix the stores when they break and most important hire as many cleaners and move them around to keep it clean. That's how I finally won cuz I had to manually place them where there was rubbish. As I did I saw the stars for cleanliness fill out.

By now you should have maxed out all the plants and the other accessories. I find that when I played level 1 and 2 of Gran and got my plan in place, I'd upgrade and buy as many stores before all the requirements were met. So that I had a leg up when the next level came by. It made completing each level that much easier, I could stop worrying about building and making money and work on upgrades, upgrades, upgrades.

I had to re-start Gran about twice until I got the right combo of stores, accessories and upgrades.

If you open restaurants ensure you have enough money to build the open space that unlocks immediately. Otherwise I noticed the computer was quick to build in that spot, so I had to restart the level. Like 2 seconds fast.

I found on the lower levels when I didn't have a lot of money, to call for a repair person rather than wait until I had $2,500. When you start with only a few hundred bucks that $2K is far away. Plus the called repairman is quick to respond and goes to the store immediately.

When you hire a repairman all he does is walk around and most annoying goes into corridor.

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