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Flashing screen won't allow game play

[Post New]by nance1956 on Aug 29, 09 1:22 PM
I've never had this problem with any other BigFish Game, but when I "just press play" The screen flashes in a most annoying manner. It says it's compatible with Vista, which is what I have, so I'm mystified. I can't play the game at all.

I downloaded it a second time just to make sure THAT wasn't the problem, with the same unfortunate result...

Has anyone experienced or know how to fix this?

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Re:Flashing screen won't allow game play

[Post New]by michelha75 on Mar 19, 11 10:52 PM
Same with me, I installed last night on my laptop (vista) and all i got was the flashing white screen that i couldn't escape out of, couldn't task manage out of...nothing...had to actually shut the computer down to get it to stop. Tried it again thinking maybe the scripts i had running in another window where using up too much memory. same thing. Unistalled. Reinstalled. same thing. Went to my old pc (xp) works perfectly.....Maybe they should do an update to fix it? they could fix the problem of not getting the required items in levels too while they are at it


Re:Flashing screen won't allow game play

[Post New]by Polly75 on Apr 2, 11 6:36 AM
Same problem. It is impossible to play Bilbo for me. After few levels, the screen starts flashing and the game becomes very very slow. I really hope BFG will soon edit a new version that works on Vista too!


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