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Beautiful credits

[Post New]by Sprattie on Sep 14, 15 12:48 PM
I'm posting this ages after the last person posted and the comments were locked... doesn't that sound dystopian?... but I've finished this game and have to say that the credits were about the most beautiful, meditative I've ever seen. Lanterns floating up into the sky, one, two, dozens, until they filled the screen.

I purchased this game by mistake, mixed it up with another game I was intending to buy, played it out of spite and hated it at first, but it turned out to be great fun. I usually ignore characters in games, intending only to play the puzzles and HOPs, but the professor had the most animated, human face in any game I've played. He was quite real and engaging. The monk was a hoot too.

Best accidental purchase I've ever made at BF.

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