Ranch Rush 2???

[Post New]by nadine_and_boo on Aug 30, 09 5:13 PM
I absolutely LOVE ranch rush and was wondering if there was a second one coming?

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Re:Ranch Rush 2???

[Post New]by JeffRut on Aug 31, 09 10:37 AM
The developers keep saying yes there is a second one coming, but don't know when

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Re:Ranch Rush 2???

[Post New]by jorob716 on Sep 20, 09 1:43 PM
Hi, guys,

I love Ranch Rush also but cannot complete the last level. I arranged and re-arranged, sold and bought and still cannot get it. I got so frustrated with it I uninstalled it for the time being.

Any suggestions?

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Re:Ranch Rush 2???

[Post New]by 3076cmc on Nov 2, 09 7:03 AM
Hi Jorob716
The best way that I've found to complete levels is to use Farm Markets and the last couple of minutes of each level to "prep" all machines.
Have 6 milks standing by
(3) cheeses made, as well as a full tank of milk (I think 3-4 milks inside)
Do all these tactics to ALL the machines and animals, especially the bread machines and ostriches.
Lastly replant everything, spray bug killer, etc

If you start this early on in the game, you should finish with more than enough time to finish with the last level.

Hope this helps

Oh wait! Some other tips:
Use only (2) machines each and (2) animals. If you use more than that it takes up too much space.
You can have (5) bees though.
Use (1) set crates near the barn centrally located on the ranch
You can move the crates accordingly to other sides of the barn to collect high volumes of crops.

Good luck!

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Re:Ranch Rush 2???

[Post New]by Eisteepfirsich on Dec 2, 09 4:11 PM
I have read, that in December comes out part two of the game. Yippie!

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Re:Ranch Rush 2???

[Post New]by khumprp on Dec 3, 09 7:33 AM
Yep! If you go to a website ranchrush2 [Edited by Moderator] you can signup for a pre-release copy!

Sorry, I don't know how to put links in here without them being removed

Edited on 12/07/2009 at 1:41:41 PM PST

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Re:Ranch Rush 2???

[Post New]by bfgEuphrates on Dec 7, 09 1:42 PM
Hi khumprp,

I just wanted to let you know that I removed the full link from your post for you since we only allow links to Big Fish Games websites here in the forums, per our FAQ. Please be sure to only share outside links via Private Message.

Thank you!


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Re:Ranch Rush 2???

[Post New]by Karmadona on Dec 20, 09 11:11 AM
Been a while since I played, but I think another thing that helped in the last round was to finish up on a task, and then sell that area off and replace what was on there with something I needed to complete. For example, I think I finished the sheep task, then sold the sheep & replaced them with a ketchup machine ( or breadmaker..I can't remember). I think I did the same after I had the eggs, etc.
It made it look really messy, but who cares? It was the last round, so I knew I didn't need any more wool.


Re:Ranch Rush - completing last level

[Post New]by Startrekgirl on Dec 26, 09 7:05 PM
I hate how if you complete the last level you then can't go in and play that level nor previous levels again and again - you have to start from very beginning so I leave 1-2 items incomplete in any game (close enough to know I wld've won) and re-play last level again and again to refine my techniques. (I have 3 formats of ranches).

TIPS: I always have: only 1 barn, only 1 boxes, 3 birds and 3 jam machines and 3 cows and 2 sheep and at least 7 bee hives. Put clover AWAY from bees. ( When scrolling screen to top left top right bottom left and bottom right ensure "in those views" U can see at least 1 bug spray, boxes and barn. (relocate as necessary to see all those in ALL yr 4 views as easy to get them if U can see them without having to scroll). In last few mins of a "loosing game" you can stock up on e.g.butter/wool (most time consuming). If yr clever you can work it at end that you have 3 butters HELD IN YOUR HAND but also 3 stockpiled and butter machine filled with milk for new game PLUS all cows fed and stocked up. REMEMBER you can only hold 3 things in yr hand. U can hold ONE butter while putting 2 milks in machine & then feed 2 boxes to cows. Then hold a 2nd butter in hand put one milk in machine (twice) then feed 1 box to cow/cows (twice). FIRSTLY I focus on butters and wool as they're the most time consuming) and I only feed cows and birds while doing this - don't do other stuff. SECONDLY I do corn. Then that's 3 orders filled (corn, wool and butters) leaving U time to focus on the rest of it.

TIPS: Apart from main crops I also have 2 squares of all but one crop closish to my 3 birds for ease of feeding - put birds near ONE MAIN CROP. Share a tool box between 2 or 3 machines near each other. DO use prinklers to lessen having to bucket water too much thru game. Once all rest of my stock is built up I focus on stockpiling butter for new game. Use tool box on yr butter machine first off even if not broken, before stockpiling, else it'll break down. While filling the butter and wool in yr new game, I DON'T do breads nor jams nor much else so I can focus on filling time consuming orders. I use majority (but NOT all) eggs to put directly into barn to fast-fill majority of egg order. DO feed cows and DO feed birds while doing butter/eggs/corn. HOPE THESE TIPS HELP.


Re:Ranch Rush 2???

[Post New]by Startrekgirl on Dec 26, 09 7:24 PM
P.S. In last level of game, U also only need about 5 pumpkins and not many tomatoes as they grow again while making sauce. Lotsa wheat and grapes. Centralise barn and boxes (and Well if can). If bugs making seeds go read don't waste time spraying just implant a new seed there. Always click shears right after feeding sheep (as by the time game catches up with yr ticks they will need shearing). When bread starts baking, add in 2 more wheat and at least 1 milk and 1 eff, then thru game do 2 clicks near 1 bread trays and put into barn... by the time game catches up with ticks there'll be 2 trays bread picked up by your ticks). When e.g. filling up bread machine with milk (sometimes it's filled up already but yr left with milk a in yr hand... just click on barn anyway (anyway at diff times), then leftover items in yr hand get unloaded into barn... freeing up yr hands as you hands (just in case as U can only hold 3 things at any one time and sometimes U mistakenly leave 1 item in yr hand when U think you're hands are free to hold 3 things).

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